Kim Clijsters’ husband to end basketball career

clijsters_lynchThe husband of comebacking former world number one tennis player Kim Clijsters has decided to quit his lustrous basketball career to be with his wife.

Bryan Lynch, a popular basketball player for Antwerp Giants in Belgium, said that this season will be his last. It was not an easy decision on his end but he knew that this is inevitable. He’ll be joining Kim in her tennis tournaments in the U.S. and Europe later this year with their daughter Jada.

This report was provided by Belgian site Nieuwsblad. The sports article was in Dutch so this writer had to use the Google Translate site to convert the text to English. Here’s what Lynch said about his support for Kim:

“Yes, during the American WTA tournaments, I will go with her. Kim was there for me the past few years during my basketball career, now I want something back,” he said.

Here’s the complete article on Lynch’s retirement. Click the link HERE.


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