French Open / Roland Garros 2009: Prize Money Breakdown

Most, if not all, of the players at this year’s French Open / Roland Garros tournament won’t be leaving Paris empty-handed. This year, the organizers announced a slight increase in the total prize money. Last year, the total money disbursed was €15,575,960. In 2009, the total increased by 3.69 percent to €16,150,460.

Here’s the breakdown of prize money as provided by the Roland Garros website. The amount are in euros. Both male and female tennis players will get equal prize money.


*WC = wheelchair

  1. G Rajesh

    Thanks for providing the information.

    For more updates on French Open tennis 2009 visit

  2. simon

    What a disgrace, they may be proud the female winner gets the same as the male winner, but the fact they only value a wheelchair player 7000/1060000*100 = 0.66% !!!! of an able bodied player reveals their real feelings on equality.

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