2011 Wimbledon 3D Final: Maria Sharapova, Sony prepares for historic broadcast

Wimbledon 2011 Ladies Final: Maria Sharapova vs Petra Kvitova. The final matches of the 125th edition of the Wimbledon Championships will be shown in 3D for the first time. And in this YouTube video, Maria Sharapova and a team of Sony experts can be seen preparing for the first-ever global broadcast of the Wimbledon Tennis championship finals in 3D. Find out why Wimbledon has chosen Sony to be its official partner in 3D broadcast of this prestigious Grand Slam tournament in 3D.

Visit Sony at www.Facebook.com/SonyUK to find out where you can watch Wimbledon in 3D at a cinema near you – the greatest tennis experience yet.

Visit the official Wimbledon website at http://sony.wimbledon.com/

Check out the YouTube video


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