Novak Djokovic wins Australian Open 2013, his fourth at Melbourne Park

World number one Novak Djokovic clinched his sixth career Grand Slam title after winning his fourth Australian Open title on Sunday, January 27. The Serbian star defeated Great Britain’s Andy Murray 6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 6-2.

Djokovic will remain at the top of the world rankings by next week. Meanwhile, Murray is closing in on the world number two ranking after his runner-up finish at the Melbourne Park.

On winning his fourth Norman Brookes Challenge Cup, Djokovic said:

“What more motivation you need than from this trophy?” Djokovic asked.

“Just seeing it and reading the names of the winners in last 50, 100 years, it’s incredible. To be also mentioned in the history aspect, and winning three in a row, it’s a huge achievement. I’m always motivated in every match that I play, but of course Grand Slam finals are always bringing something new, something special to every player, and that’s where you want to perform your best,” he added.

“What more motivation you need than from this trophy?” Djokovic asked.

As for playing against Murray, he said:

“When you play one of your biggest rivals and somebody that is in the top form in finals of a Grand Slam, there is a lot to play for.”

“I think it went two hours and 20 minutes, the first two sets. I think that says enough about the intensity of the match. I kind of expected that. I knew that it’s going to be physically very demanding, a lot of long rallies, so I needed to hang in there. I’ve done that.”

Djokovic now owns a 11-7 head-to-head series record against Murray.

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