Wimbledon 2013 sets record with largest total prize money in tennis history

The organizers of the All England Club announced that the total prize money for the Wimbledon, The Championships 2013 is the largest in the history of professional tennis. The players at Wimbledon 2013 are projected to receive a total of £22.6 million, or an increase of £6.5 million (40%) from last year.

As patterned with other Grand Slam tournaments, the players who lose in earlier rounds or qualifying will be benefitting from the increase.

There is a step change increase of over 60 percent for singles players who lose in the first three rounds at the All England Club. There is also a 41 percent increase in prize money in the qualifying rounds.

The singles champions will each receive £1.6 million, a whopping £450,000 (or 39%) increase frmo last year.


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