Wimbledon 2013 ticket prices won’t increase despite prize money hike

The aspiring ticket purchasers for the Wimbledon Championships 2013 won’t have to worry about the rise in ticket prices following the announcement by the All England Club that the prize money has risen by 40 percent, the biggest prize-money increase in the history of the sport.

In a report by Bloomberg, a ground pass for the first week of competitions at Wimbledon 2013 will be 20 pounds.

All England Club Chairman Phil Brook said in an interview that their plans (prize money hike and additional retractable roof in Court 1) were “funded in a way that will not affect ordinary fans coming to Wimbledon.”

The men’s and women’s singles titlists for this year’s Wimbledon will receive 1.6 million pounds each, a hike of 39 percent from last year’s. The early round losers will also benefit from the prize money hike with their payout rising by more than 60 percent from last year’s.

“A lot of the increase is going toward players who lose in the early rounds or in our qualifying tournament,” Brook said. “This is a large group of players, who are not particularly wealthy. They are players who are making their way onto the tour, and we think it’s important to support that group.”

The Wimbledon Championships 2013 begins in June 24.


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