Serena Williams credits coach, rumored beau for tennis success, resurgence

World number one Serena Williams has been tight-lipped about the real score between her and her coach, Frenchman Patrick Mouratoglou. Photographs have been published in major news and entertainment websites showing the duo having a possible romantic relationship. There’s even a photo posted by Mouratoglou showing the two of them together at the ITF Champions‘ dinner on Tuesday with their arms interlaced. Despite the secrecy, the two are quick to give credit to each other on a professional level.

“He has helped me a lot – being more focused, and taking everything really seriously, working to improve my balance and movement. He loves tennis too much. It’s crazy. He says some things I don’t agree with but we feed off each other. When we go into a restaurant I’m like, ‘I want it now’, but when you come to Europe everything is slower. So I have to take a deep breath. It’s funny how different the cultures are,” Williams was quoted as saying.

It can be recalled that after her embarrassing first round loss in last year’s French Open tournament, Williams acquired the services of Mouratoglou in his tennis academy based in Paris. The partnership clicked. Williams went on to win Wimbledon, two Olympic gold medals in singles and doubles, the US Open and the year-end WTA Championships.

“If you remember there were many tournaments when you felt she wasn’t 100 per cent focused,” Mouratoglou said. “Since a year ago I don’t see her play one match without a real motivation to win it. Why is she motivated? That’s a difficult question for me to answer. She is very happy off the court. I think she is enjoying everything she is doing now.”

Williams won her sixteenth Grand Slam singles title on Saturday after winning her second French Open title. The American world number one player defeated defending champion Maria Sharapova of Russia.


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