Grunting in tennis – why modern players make such a racket

SharapovaThere are a number of things that people usually associate with tennis. The traditional strawberries and cream, a splash of Pimm’s and the excitement of a live final from the stands at Wimbledon.

But something that everyone must have noticed and tried to ignore is the unmistakeable racket that players make when hitting the ball. Whether they’re grunting with anger or full on screeching in pain, we’ve always wondered what they’re doing and whether it’s possible for them to just keep shut and play the game.

Is there some kind of competitive or aggressive aspect to the grunt, or do some players believe that it can really help them come out on top?

The grunts have been known to make such a racket in the past that the world’s former number one female tennis player, Maria Sharapova has had grunts measure in at a huge 101 decibels. The equivalent of a small plane taking off!

Sheer Power

Many professional tennis players are becoming faster, stronger and taller than ever before. They’re literally machines for their sport. Because of this, their shots are using, as well as producing, a lot of power.

They’re hitting the ball with maximum effort in order to win those shots and they have to find a way to release all the pent-up energy from their bodies.

Most people believe that this is the legitimate reason for the grunt. The sheer amount of power used to smack the ball and gain the point produces a certain amount of oral fallout if you will…

Keep in Time

Much like a metronome helps a musician keep in time, so too does the frequent grunt when a ball is hit, help a tennis player establish a rhythm when they play.

Whether it may be necessary or not, anything that helps a player keep in time and gain a solid rhythm will keep them consistent. And consistency helps people win.

Corrupting the Competition

Some however, believe that the noises that may be expelled through sheer effort are in fact completely dramatised to throw off opponents.

Whether you believe that the grunts are necessary or not, there’s no denying that the best place to hear them is from the crowd at Wimbledon. Book your tickets through and hear for yourself!



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