Marion Bartoli insists that comeback plans are not in order in the future

Wimbledon 2013 ladies singles champion Marion Bartoli insisted that she does not have any plans to have a comeback to the WTA Tour in the future, similar to what was done by other tennis greats Martina Hingis, Kim Clijsters and Jennifer Capriati, among others.

“I’m not halfway,” she said. “I’m either totally invested to something or just walk away. And I feel it’s time for me to just walk away.”

Bartoli hit the tennis headlines this week after announcing her immediate retirement from professional tennis, citing the constant injuries have taken its toll on her.

“I’ve been on the road for more than 13 years,” she said. “It’s tough to take. I really felt that year after year my body started to fall apart everywhere. And I really did it all during this Wimbledon. I really went through a lot of pain. A lot of the mornings it took me more than 30 minutes to be able to start to walk because of my Achilles pain and the same for my shoulder. So I really pushed myself to all the limits to make it happen and to achieve my dreams. I really left all I had over there and it was time for me.”

Bartoli is still evaluating as to what she will do after retiring from the sport.

“Everyone talks like I’m dead and I’m not dead,” the Frenchwoman said. ” But I can still go on court and hit some balls, I’m just not doing it professionally.

“I did eight years of classical ballet when I was younger and I will probably do that again. I will probably go to some museums and galleries, but there are things outside of sport and I will enjoy them,” she added.


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