US Open 2013 women’s singles final posts higher ratings than men’s final

The blockbuster US Open 2013 Women’s Singles Championship match between Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka posted record-high ratings for a US Open women’s final in 11 years. The Sunday match-cup posted a 4.9 rating which was significantly higher than the men’s singles final that took place on Monday. The men’s championship where Rafael Nadal defeated top-ranked Novak Djokovic for the title posted a 2.8 overnight rating.

The women’s final rating was 26 percent higher from last year’s data which also featured a Williams vs Azarenka (3.9) and 17 percent higher from the 2011 final which featured Samantha Stosur of Australia defeating Williams for the title. In 2002, the women’s singles final match between Serena Williams and Venus Williams posted a massive 7.2 rating.

The men’s singles final rating was still up by 22 percent from last year where Andy Murray defeated Djokovic for the title (2.3) and still higher from the 2010 final which showed Nadal defeating Djokovic for the title (2.6). The 2.8 rating was the highest rating so far since the men’s final in 2007 (4.2) where Roger Federer defeated Djokovic for the title. However, that 2007 match took place on a Sunday afternoon.


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