Victoria Azarenka receives $250,000 bonus for finishing runner-up at US Open 2013

Belarussian world number two Victoria Azarenka will still be going home with a big paycheck despite finishing as runner-up at the 2013 US Open.

For finishing runner-up at the last Grand Slam tournament of the season, Azarenka gets $1.3 million. Aside from that, she gets a $250,000 bonus check since she finished runner-up at the US Open Series. As per the bonus challenge table stated at the US Open Series website, a second place finish at US Open Series can get up to $500,000 bonus if that player wins the US Open. However, since she finished as runner-up, she gets a $250,000 paycheck instead.

Meanwhile, US Open 2013 champion Serena Williams gets an additional $1 million bonus for winning the US Open Series and the US Open itself for a grand total cash prize of $3.6 million, a record high in the history of women’s tennis.


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