Rafael Nadal seen at the stands watching Roger Federer’s match

World number one Rafael Nadal was seen sitting in the stands watching a professional tennis match between Roger Federer and Andreas Seppi of Italy in the second round of the Shanghai Masters this week. Federer won the match.

“It’s special,” said Nadal. “I had an opportunity today to watch a few games like a spectator in life. I enjoyed it.”

Nadal, who just reclaimed the number one ranking last weekend, is aiming for his first Shanghai Masters title and he said that he suddenly found himself having free time on a Wednesday and decided to watch his good friend and rival play.

“I watched [Federer] because I arrived early and I already practised. I didn’t know what else to do. I went on court to watch a player like Roger, which I always enjoy doing.”

The Spaniard admitted that it is hard to often follow matches from the stands.

“I cannot go on court most of the time because of the crowd,” said Nadal. “I disturb the players if I go [into the stands].”


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