Juan Martin Del Potro aims to further improve in 2014

World number five Juan Martin Del Potro said he’s aiming to further improve his game in order to defeat higher-ranked players who in most of the matches this year he has nearly beaten in three-set matches.

“For this year, my goal was trying to play in the same level [as] the top guys. I think I beat all of them. I am the only player who beat all of them in this season, which means something for me,” del Potro said. “I think I did a great season. Maybe I [will] finish in the Top 5 after three and a half years. [It] is really good [to] see my ranking and my name in the top positions.”

“They don’t beat me easy, and I beat [them in] some tournaments. All the matches are close, but in the end they still beat me because they have a little difference,” the Argentine said. “Maybe I need to be strong[er] mentally or physically.

“But with my tennis, I think I’m okay. I have still things to improve like my volleys or my approaches to the net. But in the end they make a difference mentally or physically. I will be working hard on that.”

Del Potro posted a 51-16 record this season highlighted with four ATP 500 title wins plus a semifinal run at Wimbledon. He won his first and only Grand Slam singles title so far at the US Open in 2009.

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