David Ferrer Australian Open 2014 Interview Transcript following loss to Tomas Berdych

David Ferrer Australian Open 2014 Interview Transcript following loss to Tomas Berdych
T. Berdych d. D. Ferrer 6-1 6-4 2-6 6-4.

Q.  He’s been playing very well here.  What were your thoughts?
DAVID FERRER:  Well, every match is different.  Tomas is start playing very well.  Me, not so good the first and part of the second set.  I was a little bit tired.

But, well, in the third and in the fourth I play better, no?  I played with more power with my shots.  I can move my forehand.  I have my chance in the fourth set.

But in important moments Tomas serve very good and he did good winners.


Q.  David, of course you’re not happy because you lost, but how do you feel being No. 3 in the world that this room is not full?
DAVID FERRER:  Is not important for me.  I don’t care about that.  No, nothing.  There are a lot more important things.  I don’t care.  I don’t mind.


Q.  You had a time where you shoved a line judge.
DAVID FERRER:  It was nothing.  I have the towel there.  It was nervous moment, but nothing.  I say to him excuse me after that.  Nothing special.


Q.  How do you rate this tournament for you?  Are you more or less satisfied even if you lost today?
DAVID FERRER:  No, I am positive.  I did these three tournaments, I didn’t play my best tennis.  I did semifinal and quarterfinal in a Grand Slam.  So I am positive.

I hope the next tournaments I improve my game, no?  Now I will have three weeks to practice, and I hope improve.


Q.  Since you’re 28, every year you did better.  Are you somehow worried that every year is more difficult?
DAVID FERRER:  No.  Every year is different.  I am trying to go step by step, to be focused at the moment.  Now I am in 2014.  I know I can improve my game because these few weeks I play not so good for moments.  I not happy for that.

I know now I have time for myself.  Is important for me.  Well, I will try to practice and to improve.


Q.  Some people say Federer is getting old because he’s 32.  Do they tell you also that you’re getting old?
DAVID FERRER:  No, I feel good.  I am No. 3.  I did quarterfinals.  I am okay.

Of course, this year I will have 32 years.  But, well, I will try to do a long career, two or three years more playing a good level.


Q.  Do you expect to get fined for touching the official, for shoving the official, a penalty?
DAVID FERRER:  No, I don’t think so.  Why?

Source: Australian Open


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