Stanislas Wawrinka Australian Open 2014 Interview Transcript win over Tommy Robredo

Stanislas Wawrinka Australian Open 2014 Interview Transcript following win over Tommy Robredo:
S. Wawrinka d. T. Robredo 6-3 7-6(3) 7-6(5)

Q.  How do you feel about the way you’ve come through the tournament so far?  You haven’t played a lot.  Is it a good way to get through like that?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  For sure, I think it’s better not spending too much time on the court than spending four hours every match.

Most important, I’m really happy with my game, the way I’m playing, the way I’m moving tonight.  Was a tough match for me.  Always a tough player for me to beat.  He’s a great fighter.

I lost already a few times against him, two times last year, a tough one.  But tonight I think I was the better player on the court.  I was serving really well and trying to be really aggressive from the baseline.  It work well.


Q.  How much self confidence did you get thanks to your victory in Chennai?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Yeah, it was for sure the best start possible to win in Chennai, first tournament.  It was my fifth title in 10 years.  So it’s really important for me to win tournaments.  It’s always tough.  But, again, I take the confidence from the way I’m playing, the way I’m practicing.

So far it’s been great.  I had a good off season with my Magnus, with my fitness trainer, start off the year winning Chennai.  I had a great week here before the tournament.  So everything is positive for me.


Q.  You had a big five setter last year against Novak.  Are you expecting the same again this year?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  I don’t know what to expect.  He’s an amazing player, especially in Grand Slam, especially here.  He’s playing so good.

I watch him a little bit today.  He’s really, really tough to beat.  Had five sets against him last year here.  Five sets in the US Open.  But I didn’t win.  I didn’t find the solution to beat him.

So it’s going to be really difficult.  But I’m trying every time to improve.  I’m practicing to play that kind of match, a quarterfinal here against one of the best player in the world.  I will have a chance to try to beat him.  That’s the most important.


Q.  Does it add an element of excitement going into a match against him given the matches you had against him in the past year?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Well, it’s great because it’s one more quarterfinal.  I don’t have so much in my career, so it’s something great for me.  I’m enjoying the time here.  I’m playing good tennis.

So for sure for me, the most important is to have as many chance I can to play against the top player, especially in the big stage here in the Grand Slam.

But, again, after I don’t know what to expect.  He’s playing good.  It’s tough.  I need to play my best tennis to have a chance to beat him.


Q.  Would you say this is an advantage coming into the quarterfinal having saved a little energy?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Yeah.  I don’t think it’s an advantage against him because he didn’t spend so much time on the court.  But for myself it’s good.  It’s mean I’m fit, I’m ready.  I didn’t spend too much energy the first few round.

So, again, everything is great here.  I’m just enjoying and trying to find a solution to beat him.


Q.  Magnus said he has never seen you play that well.  He also thought you played very well in the important points.
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  That’s good.  Perfect.  If he’s happy, I’m happy (smiling).


Q.  Especially the tiebreaker, you’re very strong.  Are you happy the way you handled the important points?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Yeah, I’m really, really happy.  I think he’s right in the way that I start the match really well.  We had a plan to play against him.  I know that I’m stronger on the backhand side.  I know that I can put a lot of pressure on him.  I know that I have to come as much as I can to the net to put pressure again.

The most important against him, it’s to don’t give him so much time because I can see second and third set when I gave him a little time, he’s really strong.  He’s taking his forehand and make you move.

In general, I think I had a great match.  I was 1 6 against him.  That means he likes to play me.  That means he always find a solution against me.  But not tonight.


Q.  Tell us what happened to Homer?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  It’s been a long time he’s not on the tour anymore.  No I did that three years ago I think.  I had him all the year with me, every tournament.  Was just a way to show my life a little bit different.  I did all the picture that I can on the tour.

So now if I still have it and I do the same pictures, it’s going to be the same pictures, so it would not be funny at all.


Q.  But you still have it?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Somewhere, yes.


Q.  Is it a good luck charm for you?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Not really.  I’m not superstitious.


Q.  How will you prepare the game, because you’re going to play Novak here and in the Davis Cup tie?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  He didn’t say yet if he’s coming to Novi Sad.  I’m focus on the tournament here.  I’m focus on the next match, not in Davis Cup in two weeks.  That’s not important so far.

So I’m going to prepare like always.  I’m going to come back tomorrow, practice, talk with Magnus, talk with Seve and try to see what I can change from the past match against him.

He’s one of the toughest player to beat, to play, especially in Grand Slam.  It’s going to be really tough, but I will try again.


Q.  Are you planning to play Buenos Aires this year?


Q.  Why?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Change my schedule little bit.  I’m going to stay in Europe a little bit just to change.  It’s been three years that I was going to South America.  I really love Buenos Aires.  I enjoy to play there.  I had some great results.  Always great people there.

But I will miss that tournament this year for sure.  But when I go there, it’s a long trip.  I have to be there for eight weeks more or less because I’m playing South America, then Indian Wells and Miami.  So I just wanted to change this year.


Source: Australian Open


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