Watch Australian Open 2014 Live Video Streaming Coverage Online

The Australian Open 2014 is a Grand Slam event that begins on January 13 and concludes on January 27. The world’s top WTA and ATP players will gather at the Melbourne Park to compete for the lion’s share of the record $33 million prize money and ranking points.

The men’s field is headed by world number one Rafael Nadal who wasn’t able to participate last year due to injury. A strong performance here would increase his rankings lead over three-time defending champion and world number two Novak Djokovic. The women’s field is headed by 17-time Grand Slam titlist Serena Williams. The American was a quarterfinalist a year ago and she’s raring to improve on that finish all the way to the title in two week’s time. She is projected to meet two-time defending champion Victoria Azarenka in the final should the seedings hold.

Not everyone can be at the Melbourne Park to witness these top caliber players competing at the Australian Open 2014. The second best thing is to keep yourselves updated with the latest news Down Under and to watch the Australian Open 2014 live video streaming coverage online. Tennis Guru is the best site to access for this.

Don’t miss the Australian Open 2014 Live Video Streaming Coverage Online by catching the action here.

Watch Australian Open 2014 Live Video Streaming Coverage Online

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