Novak Djokovic looks back on impressive 2014 season

World number one Novak Djokovic shared some insights on his impressive 2014 season which saw him winning seven titles including the ATP World Tour Finals for the third straight yet. However, the Serb revealed that he was uncomfortable about celebrating his title victory in London considering that this opponent in the final, Roger Federer, pulled out in the last minute due to back injury.

“You never like to win, especially these big matches against big rivals, with a retirement,” Djokovic said. “Today it’s not easy because I didn’t play the final against Roger.”

Djokovic became the third player to achieve a three-peat at this prestigious event. The first two were Ivan Lendle and Ilie Nastase. The victory cemented Djokovic’s place at the top of the world’s rankings.

“Right now I’m at the pinnacle in my career. I physically feel very fit. I’m very motivated to keep on playing on a very high level. As long as it’s like that, I’m going to try to use these years in front of me to fight for World No. 1 and to fight for the biggest titles in the sport.

“Roland Garros is and was and still will be one of the biggest goals that I have. I’ll keep on trying. Any Grand Slam win is another page in the history books of this sport. Of course, being No. 1 is also one of the biggest challenges and biggest goals a player can have.”

“Looking back on the whole year, it’s been more than impressive for me, privately and professionally. I will try to take some time off now with my family. We’ll think about the next season after the break.”


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