Roger Federer admits a Grand Slam title win in 2013 was not feasible

World number two Roger Federer admitted that winning a Grand Slam title back in 2013, the season where he had struggled in form due to back problems, was almost impossible and he did not consider himself to be a contender of any of those major titles back then. The 17-time Grand Slam titlist did not advance beyond the semifinals at any of the majors that season. He lost in the semifinals at the Australian open, quarterfinals at French Open, second round at Wimbledon and fourth round at the US Open.

“I kind of felt I probably can’t win, but let me give it a try with my experience,” Federer said in an interview with USA Today. “Over five sets, over two weeks, it’s just too much to ask for.”

However, things turned around when the 2014 season started. The Swiss star is on the verge of reclaiming the year-end top ranking. He’s won a total of five titles this season so far and reached the final of the Wimbledon Championships.

“This year it was important for me to prove myself again,” he said. “The belief to win seven matches, five sets and all of that, has come back.”

“If it’s not this year, I’m going to be somewhat close at the beginning of next year for the first few months. I think that’s extra exciting and extra motivating,” he said about reclaiming the top ranking.

Federer would need to win the ATP World Tour Finals without incurring any losses during the round robin stages and winning the Davis Cup title to have a chance to overtake Novak Djokovic.


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