Andy Murray’s Humility in Triumph

Andy Murray has finally done it. The talented tennis player who always seemed to shy away from the most prestigious award for tennis players, being the world’s No. 1, has proven that he was not shy at all. This year he was crowned the world’s best tennis player, an achievement that has made his countrymen to call for him to be knighted. The journey up the ladder of success has not been easy for Murray, as this article will illustrate.

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Novak the Nemesis

For the past one decade, Andy has always been a breath away from claiming the title. The only thing that has been standing in his way is the man against whom he has always been pitted. The player in question is none other than Novak Djokovic, a veteran tennis player whose prowess in the game is nothing short of awe- inspiring. Novak has always been Andy’s greatest villain in as far as tennis is concerned.

But an interesting turn of events happened this year. Early in the season, the likelihood that Andy would catch up with Novak was really low. Novak started the season in his usual powerful and enthusiastic way. The same couldn’t really be said of Andy, whose start to the season was rather shaky. Novak dominated the first half of the season, particularly the French and Australia open. But the second half was quite a different story. Things started going haywire for him in the later half, and especially at Wimbledon.

That was when things started improving for Murray. He won 20 games in a row, and two Master’s tournaments on top of it all. His rankings skyrocketed within this period- he even beat Novak, to the surprise of the world and to his own astonishment. What makes his victory over Novak even more spectacular in the Sunday game is the fact that on the previous day, he had had another long and energy consuming match. On Saturday, he was pitted against Milos Raonic, another veteran player. Their game lasted a solid three and a half hours. Drained of energy and with a past record of losing to Novak, Murray didn’t expect to win the Sunday game. But he surprisingly did, and did it in an incredibly short period of time. The Sunday showdown with Novak lasted a mere sixty six minute, much to everyone’s surprise.

Moving Forward

Murray doesn’t seem to be very much in the mood of patting himself on the back, despite the fact that his achievement was nothing short of spectacular. In fact, since 1973, Murray is only the 17th man to win that highly contested title. But his countrymen don’t feel the same way. They are asking that he be knighted for his noble accomplishment. Murray is however very determined to brush recognition and honor aside, insisting that he has a January game, the Australian Open, to concentrate on. He is also quick point out the fact that he is rather too young to be a sir. He thinks that he might make grave mistakes in the future that may make him unworthy of the honor.


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