Wilson unleases New Black Edition Pro Staff 97 CV / 97L CV – Countervail technology racquets

Countervail (CV) technology is a material technology that maximizes a player’s energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time.

Offering the performance of the classic Pro Staff franchise with an ultra-modern, minimalistic, all-black look, the BLACK EDITION Pro Staff 97 CV and 97L CV are engineered to bring a new dimension of “texture” to rackets through state-of-the-art paint finishes, chrome touches, and laser engraving.

Photo from Wilson

Perfect for players with an attacking style of play, Wilson is currently offering two new models to choose from – Pro Staff 97 CV and Pro Staff 97L CV (lighter weight).

Both new models – Pro Staff 97 CV and Pro Staff 97L CV are currently available for purchase at Wilson.com for $239.00 (US)


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