What Does It Take To Win The Australian Open

What qualities tennis players need to have in order to win the Australian Open? From aggressive style to a great physical condition, we’ve listed them all here!

The Australian Open is one of the 4 major tennis tournaments that collectively make up the Grand Slam. It is held in January every year, over a two-week period, in the city of Melbourne. With a historical heritage that stretches far back to the early 20th century, the Australian Open has been host to the great stars of tennis, and it is every aspiring tennis player’s dream to play jackpot 247 here and make a name for themselves. However, this tournament is quite different from the other Grand Slam tournaments, and to be successful, a player needs to have certain skills and strengths.


The standout feature of the Australian Open is the fact that it is played on hard courts, which require a different set of skills as compared to playing on traditional grass courts or clay courts. Also, another factor that makes the Australian Open different from other Grand Slam tournaments is the fact that it is played in the scorching Australian summer heat, which can be quite taxing on players.

Overall, the skills required to play and win at the Australian Open are a mix of basic tennis skills, and some specialized skills/competencies to help one deal with the uniqueness of this tournament. A good example of a player who demonstrates all the skills and competencies required to win the Australian Open is Novak Djokovic. Here are some of the things players need to win the Australian Open:

1. Great physical condition


Under normal circumstances, tennis players have to be in top shape because there is hardly a moment of rest to be had while the game is on. When you factor in the intense heat of the Australian summer, anyone who wants to be successful here will have to have extraordinarily high levels of fitness. A good example is the 2012 final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, which lasted for almost 6 hours. To win at the Australian Open, excellent physical condition is an absolute must.

Reportedly, Novak Djokovic has adopted a very demanding physical conditioning program, and he trains for as much as 14 hours every day. At some point, he also moved his training camp to Abu Dhabi, in order to condition his body to perform in extreme heat.

Aggressive style


The hard courts of the Australian Open typically suit more aggressive players because the ball tends to bounce high and retains enough momentum to permit powerful ground strokes. Aggressive players who like to hit powerful serves will also flourish on hard courts. A good example of how important this is, is the fact that both of the winners this year (Serena Williams and Roger Federer), are considered to be among the most aggressive players in their respective categories. Some other players who have succeeded in this tournament and are known for being very aggressive are Venus Williams and Novak Djokovic.

2. Flexibility


Focusing on powerful play and huge serves is a good strategy to have in the Australian Open, but opponents will know this too, and may work on hitting big serves too, returning serves, or both. A lot of aggressive players tend to lose confidence if their opponent is able to return a big serve so mental strength, flexibility, and preparation are a must, in addition to having multiple game-plans chalked out, in case the opponent comes prepared for an aggressive style.

3. Cover the bases

Generally these tips are connected to the unique features of the Australian Open, but players must maintain a professional approach to the game in general. This means hiring a qualified coach, taking preparation seriously, studying the opponent (this one is very important in a solo sport like tennis), and approaching each game with maximum concentration. The Australian Open in particular hosts relatively large crowds, and it is easy for players to get distracted or overwhelmed by the occasion.

The Australian Open is one of the world’s biggest tennis events and is a much-coveted prize, by both younger players and older, experienced players alike. The competition is stiff, and to succeed, players will need to adapt their game to suit the peculiarities of playing on very hard courts, usually in sweltering heat.


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