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Wilson unleases New Black Edition Pro Staff 97 CV / 97L CV – Countervail technology racquets

Countervail (CV) technology is a material technology that maximizes a player’s energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time. Offering the performance of the classic Pro Staff franchise with an ultra-modern, minimalistic, all-black look,

Wilson’s “Battle of the Sexes” Inspired Gear to Benefit Billie Jean King’s Foundation

Wilson Sporting Goods Co., is proud to support the Women’s Sports Foundation. Long-time Wilson Advisory Staff Member and tennis icon Billie Jean King founded this organization to create leaders by ensuring all girls access

Wilson introduces first online digital platform to design personalized performance tennis racket

Wilson Custom Racket Shop Offers Millions of Personalization and  Self-Expression Possibilities to Athletes CHICAGO, August 7, 2017 – Wilson Sporting Goods Co., announced today the launch of the Wilson Custom Racket Shop (, an online experience that allows every

Wilson’s 2017 Ultra Performance Tennis Racket Redefines Power

New Technologies Increase Center of Racket’s Sweetspot by 15 Percent* for Maximum Power and Force CHICAGO, August 1, 2017 – Wilson Sporting Goods Co., announced today the introduction of its new 2017 Ultra racket line,

Exclusive Roger Federer “Historic Limited Edition” Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Racket

To commemorate Roger Federer’s incredible achievements after clinching his 8th Wimbledon and 19th Grand Slam, Wilson has come up with an exclusive Historic Limited Edition Pro Staff RF97 Autograph racket. Only eight of these
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