Australian Open 2014 Archive

Road to the Australian Open 2014 men’s final

The Australian Open 2014 has just concluded on Sunday with the men’s singles title won by Stanislas Wawrinka following an upset win over Rafael Nadal. We take a little look back at Nadal and

Stanislas Wawrinka’s Best Shots at Australian Open 2014

Newly-entrenched world number three Stanislas Wawrinka is making tennis headlines this week following his title win at the Australian Open 2014 on Sunday. The Swiss player defeated injury-affected Rafael Nadal in a four-set final.

Rafael Nadal’s “Thank You” speech following Australian Open 2014 loss

World number one Rafael Nadal says “thank you” to everyone following the Australian Open 2014 men’s singles final loss to Stanislas Wawrinka. Despite the loss, Nadal will still retain the number one ranking. In

Stanislas Wawrinka still couldn’t believe winning Australian Open 2014

It is very understandable that Stanislas Wawrinka said that he still couldn’t believe that he’s just won his Maiden Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, knowing that in the past nine years, only

Rafael Nadal opted to finish Australian Open match than retire

World number one Rafael Nadal said that he tried his best to finish his match against Stanislas Wawrinka at the Australian Open 2014 men’s final on Sunday rather than pull out of the event
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