Djokovic state factors during Wimbledon 2013 final loss to Andy Murray

World number one Novak Djokovic believes that he had squandered several opportunities during his three set loss at the Wimbledon 2013 final against Andy Murray. The Serbian said that he was not aggressive enough during the match and he admitted that his opponent outplayed him in several aspects.

“He had a huge motivation to win his first title. I also had a lot of motivation,” Djokovic said.

“It was a long opening six, seven games. It went almost 40 minutes. I wasn’t patient enough in the moments when I should have been, when I should have looked for the better opportunity to attack, and my serve wasn’t as good as it was the whole tournament. But also that is because he’s such a good returner. Even though when I was putting my first serves in he was always getting them back in the court and making me play an extra shot. That’s why he won this tournament,” he added.

“I should have played better in the decisive moments. I haven’t. Didn’t play on the top of my abilities, and with this kind of game I didn’t have a chance to win.”


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